Saturday Day


Famous For:


“Drinks this afternoon?” “Of course, but first, brunch!” 

Detox or Retox? Who cares… Join the flatmates for a big afternoon of bottomless prosecco, indulgent feasting and great vibes. From piles of pancakes to poached eggs and avocado, from Bloody Marys to killer brekkie cocktails- everything is on point to get you swinging into Saturday evening…
We’ve even created London’s BIGGEST pancake platter with EVERY topping Willie Wonka could ever dream up…. The Flatmates are yet to finish one- so bring a large group if you’re up for the challenge- or just settle in for our silver sharing trays with every imaginable brunch treat.

(Flat)mates Rates:
Bottomless Prosecco and House Punch 

Silver Service Sharing For Large Party Groups